Saturday, November 2, 2013

SteamCon V 2013 Seattle

I got a little late with this post - the SteamCon V was this last weekend October 26-27th, but still. A quick review of the event with some pictures of those people who made it possible to happen both as staff and as attendees.

The theme of the SteamCon this year was "Around the World" - on pictures you can see lots of costumes made according to styles and designed of different countries of the world (with steampunk thematic integrated in them).

Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bellevue became a home for steampunk fans from around Washington State and some other states of the U.S. for three days - SteamCon V  opened its doors on Friday at noon Finished most of its activity of Sunday at 4pm. Unfortunately, I was unable to volunteer at the Con during it's most busy time on Saturday, so pictures would be not as flourishing with costumes as of those photographers who were photohunting for all three days.

Speaking of photographers.

On the picture above you can see Nate ( - he was taking classic airship pictures of anyone interested (and not scared of height) for as low as 5$ for 3 digital pictures. I'm not trying to promote anything here but giving him the proper recognition - the price was really low and at the cons all vendors usually try to do the opposite and crank the price of everything up.

While not trying to degrade the luxury and importance of other events and booths brought to us by SteamCon, the Grand Mercantile area was the pulsing heart (or, maybe, the stomach) of the Con from the start to the end. Even when there were no more events to attend and no more brandy to drink pictures to take - the merchants area was full of people and the Con even extended its hours from 3pm on Sunday to 4pm. People were buying, browsing, exchanging, enjoying, and wishing they had more cash with them all around. The hall was packed and it was a really great place to catch couple great costumes in case you came late and wanted to feel the spirit of steampunk.

Amongst others came to the Con I would like to particularly highlight the Admiral of the Third Airship Fleet  with his wife. While trying not to bug other people trying to take individual pictures, I could not but to ask this couple for the permit to take their picture.
The precise detailed style without without the exaggerated accent on artificial and fictional attributes - that's what the ultimate steampunk outfit should be. You should almost walk past the person and then stop asking yourself "Wait-wait-wait... That gentlemen by the pub looked exactly like some character from fictional Conan Doyle novels!".

At the Mercantile I also met this energetic gentlemen (and his brave assistant) - the steamsmith and automaton producer Mark Eliot Schwabe ( His booth was filled with the steampunk goodness made of brass, copper, sterling silver, and some other dimly glowing alloys which I was too afraid to ask about.All the wearable artworks presented by Mr. Schwabe had fully mobile conjunctions and aerodynamic parts in areas which would be proper for such.

In the corner of the pavilion, taking the prestige spot previously occupied by the Gold, Copper, and Moon minerals Trade Company, the tea Bar and Shop opened its doors. The tea (and some other concoctions of medicinal, mystic, and not-so-obvious properties) and service was provided by the B. Fuller's Mortar and Pestle Store ( In absence of flavorful refreshing and (considering that that was the end of October outside) warming beverages that was defensively the destination of choice for those looking to taste hand-blended tisanes and chat while recovering from the shopping spree.

And, of course, my report would be not full and not fair if I wouldn't mention (and show) the people who brought the SteamCon V to us (don't disregard the lady who turned with her back to us - she is actually one of the most important undercover bureaucratic infiltrators absolutely necessary to do anything successful in any country). The picture actually don't show you the entire team of staff (all of them are volunteers!) involved into creating SteamCon, but nonetheless. THANK YOU for making it possible to happen!

If you want to support the SteamCon (which would or would not happen depending on the number of volunteers who would be willing to help) for next year please come to the General Meeting on January 12th 2014 at 1:30PM at the Lake City Library (12501 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA).

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  1. Thank you for your lovely review of Steamcon V and your kind words about me and my work.

    Mark Eliot Schwabe, SteamSmith